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The Hedge People

Caring for those with Alzheimer s can be emotionally depleting. Frustration often dominates the day as you try to bridge the gap between real life and a person who has lost touch with reality. Combine that with the grief over the loss of the person you used to know and a haunting fear of what is to come and it seems as though life will never see laughter and joy again.

In her collection of true stories, author Louise Carey conveys attitudes and techniques for treating dementia patients with respect while also finding humor in the unusual and frustrating situations encountered by the caregiver. The Hedge People offers caregivers solace in the stories and joy in the journey as they face the daily challenges of care giving with God s help.

What readers have said:

The Hedge People offers hope for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and teaches new ways of looking at caregiving, not as a burden, but as a gift along life’s journey. Louise fills the book’s pages with love and prayers. She encourages caregivers to accept their roles through seeking meaning in the daily moments and experiences of caregiving—which may seem insurmountable, but are true opportunities for faith-building and meaningful engagement with loved ones. Caregiver support group leaders will enjoy the book, its easy to read fashion, and may choose to use particular chapters as tools for group reflection, sharing, and support. This is a must read for anyone that cares for a person with Alzheimer’s disease!

~Cathy Hanson LGSW, Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Maryland Chapter


I believe humor is absolutely necessary when one is caring for their elderly loved ones. Respect for that loved one is also essential. Louise’s stories reflect both of those qualities so beautifully. The Hedge People made me laugh and cry and remember the last days spent with my own mom. Louise has a way of being real, honest, and completely aware of the beauty in the suffering and loss. Her book honors the elderly and their caregivers and reminds all of us that God is right there with us, exposing His mercy and grace in some unlikely circumstances.

~ Evie      Long Beach, California

I had the great pleasure to read this book before publication and in the house that it took place. I found it to be a great Faith builder book.  I would recommend it to anyone even if you don't plan on being a caretaker any time soon. I usually have a hard time getting in to books…. I found this book to be liberating in that sense. The short separate stories kept me interested from beginning to end. It was cool to see how a man with Alzheimer's can still shine like a star in the universe with God's glory and how God helped him and his caretaker out in their times of need. Truly a great book dealing with an amazing man who was completely submerged in God.

~Matt       Boise, Idaho

The Hedge People gave me valuable insights and a new compassion for those with dementia and their caregivers. I appreciated Louise Carey's ability to find humor in her circumstances, but also the spiritual lessons that were gleaned through daily frustrations. Many of the lessons can be applied to other challenges we all face in life. Caregivers will appreciate her honesty, uplifting faith, and practical advice. Some would consider being an Alzheimer's caregiver to be a "sour" experience, but Louise has made wonderful lemonade.

~Sue          Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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